Welcome to my virtual studio!


Hi, I’m Rennie MacKay Quinn…

I wish you really could be sitting with me here in my special nest within my studio, sipping tea and chatting.

Do you have your own special space…..filled with things that give you joy, remind you of favorite places or times, amaze you, or speak to you in some other way?

That’s what I hope my paintings will do for you. So please do let me know if you connect with one of them in a special way.


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“I love the painting RMQ created for my dental office. It’s mysterious, yet calming, and in perfect harmony with how I want my patients to feel when they visit me.”–Dr. Gayanne DeVry, Austin, TX


All paintings except those in Collections are available for purchase.
All work © Rennie MacKay Quinn

Contact: RMQ@rmqabstracts.com