Purchasing Q & A

1. How do I pay? Each small painting has its own PayPal button, which links to PayPal’s secure site. You can use your PayPal account, credit or debit cart, or bank account withdrawal. When the purchase is complete you’ll be given a chance to return to this website.

2. When you get your receipt from PayPay or when the charge appears in any bank or credit card statement, the name will be under Quinn & Quinn LLC (or some variation of that), which is the account both my husband and I use for his writing and my art business.

3. What about shipping costs? All painting prices include U.S. shipping and handling costs. If you live outside the U.S. please email me for any extra payment that might be required.

5. How will my painting be shipped? By USPS First Class or Priority Mail, depending on its size and destination.

6. How soon will it ship after the order goes through? Within 5 business days after your order is finalized. When your painting is on its way, I’ll email you the expected delivery date and tracking number.

7. How will my painting be packaged? It will be personally packaged with great care with protective wrapping and packing materials. Don’t be surprised if the box is a recycled one. We get lots of books and other things in sturdy boxes that suit these small paintings. I’m pretty fiendish when it comes to packaging and have never had any problems with the postal system.

The tiny 2×2 paintings may be sent in a padded envelope with heavy cardboard inserts for added protection.

6. Can I return a painting? Yes. As you know, a picture of a painting is seldom exactly like the painting itself. My paintings are covered by a 100% guarantee. If you would like to return a painting, just send it back within 14 days (in the same condition and packaging it arrived in), and I’ll refund your purchase price (less the shipping cost that was included in it).

7. How can I order more than one painting, since there’s no shopping cart? If you’d like more than one, especially if you want to order several of the Ultra-mini magnet paintings, please send a note from the contact page, tell me what you want, and we’ll make payment arrangements.


1. All paintings are signed on the back of the canvas or the side, and the Maxi-sized paintings also have the title and date written on the back edges of the canvas.

2. These paintings do not have any attached hanging hardware. They’re all small enough and light enough so that they can be hung just on a nail and will be flat against a wall. This means they can be turned and changed and hung any way you want them, even diagonally. Or you can use attachment hanging systems that are safe for walls and are available in art stores and many others.

Also, because of their deep edges the paintings will stand up on a shelf, if you prefer to show them that way.

3. I’ve been asked if I do commissions. The answer is: sometimes. See the Birthday Party Painters  blog post for one example of a group of Ultra-mini paintings. Email me and we’ll talk about your special request.

4. If you have questions about a larger painting from one of my portfolios, please email me for information.

Thanks so much for your interest! I look forward to getting acquainted.