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Birthday Party Painters

JJ and girls signing guestbookJuliet is one of the kids who comes to my studio to paint with me every so often. So as part of her recent tenth birthday celebration, her mom arrange for one segment of the party to take place in my studio. First order of business, signing the guestbook. Everybody got to choose a different colored pencil for writing her name.





JJ party pianotop painters


Making room for ten girls and all their painting paraphernalia took some doing, but we managed. The piano top had to do double duty as a painting table, and Pam, Juliet’s mom, caught a couple of the young artists in the midst of their work






JJ painting pals on floor


The floor proved to be a great place for stretching out and mixing it up with pencils and paints.






JJ party-jj at work


Juliet really got her hands into the paint, in much the same way that I like to do.







JJ BD neon mini-paintings 20140528


At the end of the afternoon everybody got to choose a mini neon painting that Pam had commissioned me to make as remembrances of their birthday party studio experience.





The end result? A good time was had by all, and they declared it a birthday party to remember! Here are the girls’ paintings. Some are completed, but others had to be finished at home.


Artery Exhibit

Artery walls with RMQ AbstractThe opening Friday night at the Artery was a wonderful event. Lots of friends and new acquaintances were on hand.

Mark Larsen (the Artery’s founder and guiding light) did a fantastic job of choosing and arranging a selection of 20 of my paintings so they would show to best advantage in the unique Artery space (as you can see here in this photo of one corner space). And several paintings were purchased (including “Meeting Place,” the one at the left above).

My thanks to everyone who visited the opening and helped make it a memorable occasion! My husband, Daniel Quinn, and I at the laden refreshments table. Quinns at Artery opening