Twilight Zone

RMQabstracts Twilight Zone

ACRYLIC ON CANVAS: 20 x 20 x 1.5 inches

Remember Rod Serling’s eerie TV series?
It was scary, creepy, enthralling, enchanting, mesmerizing.
Always mysterious and other-worldly.
Anything could happen in the “twilight zone.”

6 Responses to “Twilight Zone”

  1. RMQ

    They must have sneaked in when I wasn’t looking!


  2. SamHess

    There are at least 2 people behind that veil.


  3. Deb Breton

    Yes, this painting does have that air of mystery about it Rennie. Wasn’t that such a great show, who can forget that ‘soundtrack’?!


  4. RMQ

    Thanks! Yeah, that series had a lot of unforgettable episodes!


  5. SamHess

    I can still remember some of my Twilight Zone favorites. Your painting is just the ticket:)


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