Emerald Uprising

RMQabstracts Emerald Uprising 160418A106
Acrylic on canvas: 20 x 24 x 1.5 inches

Green in various hues has become a favorite color recently.
The hard-edged tools I used for this and gel added to the paint for more body
are new for me and open up all sorts of possibilities.
Perhaps I’m entering my own “Emerald Uprising” phase.

6 Responses to “Emerald Uprising”

  1. Deb Breton

    Yes and you can cut designs in credit cards to scrape patterns into a piece that has a lot of texture! So glad you are having fun, after all, that’s the name of game!


  2. RMQ

    Thanks,Deb! Yeah, trying out some new tools was a real boost–and a leap into getting out of a rut, I think. The movement came from using a credit card, something I learned from an artist in an online course from The Abundant Artist.

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  3. Deb Breton

    I love the movement depicted here Rennie, lots of emotion in this one!


  4. RMQ

    Thanks, Mary Lou! I’ve now got a couple of others in this vein, though I don’t have final photos of them yet. I need to have a batch of paintings before I rearrange my studio so it’s photography friendly.


  5. Mary Lou Boone

    Emerald Uprising is magnificent. As green is a favorite of mine I find this exquisite and have fallen in love with this painting, the movement is just captivating. Thank you Rennie, just love it!


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